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Longarm Quilting

Current Turnaround: 3.5 weeks
Longarm quilting, combining the layers

What is Longarm Quilting?

A quilt is made of 3 layers:

1) A pieced quilt top
2) Batting in the middle
3) Backing fabric

Longarm quilting secures all of these layers together with a strong, decorative stitched design spread evenly across the entire quilt.

For this service, you must provide a quilt top. Need a quilt made from scratch? Click here for t-shirt quilts or here for custom quilts. Those include longarm quilting by default.

Feel free to call or text us at 502.305.5288 if you have any questions!
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Our Process

  • Our base pricing for longarm quilting is 1.75 cents per square inch, minimum $55. Multiply the width by the height of your quilt to get the square inches.

    Your quilt top is 50 inches x 60 inches
    60 in x 70 in = 4,200 square inches
    Cost of longarm quilting = 4,200 sq in x $0.0175 = $73.50

  • When choosing a thread color for the quilting stitch, we aim for the color that is the best balance of being subtle and evenly visible across all the different fabrics in the quilt top.

  • You can provide batting & backing fabric, or use ours. The layers should be separate (not glued or basted/tacked together) and the backing should be 8"+ larger than the top on each dimension.

  • Example:
    Your quilt top is 60 inches x 70 inches
    Your backing should be 68 inches x 78 inches or larger.

  • By default, we don’t trim your quilt down after quilting. We may remove excess batting for shipping purposes, however.

Want some more info about prepping your quilt top? Read our article below about two of the most common issues we see!

Quilt Top Advice

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I've Ordered, Now What?

Get us your quilt top and you're done! View the steps for shipping here:

Shipping Quilt Tops

If you’re near Louisville, KY you can also set up a time to drop off your quilt top.


Our Edge-to-Edge Designs

We’ve curated a collection of edge-to-edge designs that are attractive and sturdy, and come in a variety of styles. We also offer most patterns in both regular and dense densities.

It’s our opinion that most edge-to-edge designs out there are fairly terrible, so we’ve pared our selection down to a manageable amount of designs we believe are consistently great choices rather than overwhelming you with many bad ones. We tend to prefer designs that stitch evenly across the quilt without drawing your eye away from your piecing.

Our quilting is done by automated machinery, so the design you choose will be exactly what is stitched on your quilt.

If you’d like to provide your own pattern for us in the form of a .pat file, you can email it to us or upload it as part of your order. We choose thread colors that show up as evenly and subtly as possible across the quilt. This way, the quilting design doesn’t distract from the piecing by being too bright or by only showing up strongly in certain sections.

Our Backing Fabrics

Don’t have backing fabric for your quilt top? No problem! We have a small selection of high quality backing fabrics from manufacturers like Moda, Riley Blake and Shannon Fabrics for you to choose from. Wide backs are a cost-effective option because you only need a few yards of them to back an entire quilt.

Want to use your own backing? That works, too! Just make sure your fabric is the right size and is as square as possible. Backing fabrics need to be at least 8" larger per dimension than the quilt top. Ex: A 50x60 top needs a 58x68 or larger backing.

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